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You could never arrive at the limits of the Soul
No matter how many roads you travel,
So deep is its mystery – HERACLITUS

Jungian psychotherapist, writer, lecturer and pioneer in human consciousness. Concerned with the ways in which technology and modern living has resulted in “loss of soul”, she combines her training and experience in Jungian depth psychology, pre- and perinatal psychology and spiritual awareness to look at ways of restoring soul to human life. Benig is an international workshop leader and frequent speaker and her work has featured on TV and radio in Europe and the US. She is published in Ireland, Britain, Germany, Russia, Greece and the USA. She presents her own Soul Connections’ programme on Connemara Community Radio, addressing life from a psychological and spiritual perspective and encouraging interactive and engaged listeners.

Benig is a profound and engaging speaker as well as transformational teacher, healer and workshop leader. She also conducts a private practice as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor.

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New webinars: Call of the Sea: Engaging the Sacred Feminine to heal and enrich your life. A new online series of six webinars on Life, Love, Spirituality and Healing.

Webinar One: Healing after Pregnancy Loss, Replay

Webinar Two: Abandoned:Healing Mother Loss May 17th 3pmGMT

Healing Meditations: Healing after Pregnancy Loss audio download available.

Podcast: Spiritual Wellbeing in Everyday Life; Listen here
Talk: Nurturing the Soul in Today’s World: Clifden Arts Week, September 16th 2016 New: Healing From Within Workshop and Retreat October 2017 in Connemara, Ireland

New Webinar Online Shop

Dreams-Path to Your Soul-Live Webinar November 11th 2015-Download the Replay

Love, Heartbreak and Healing -Live Webinar September 29th 2014-Download the Replay

The Pain that Heals-Embracing the Wounded Healer:Live Webinar November 6th 2014-Download the Replay

Birth into Being: Healing Early Wounds -Live Webinar February 18th 2015 – Download the Replay

Call of the Sea: Healing After Pregnancy Loss-Live webinar March29th 2017-Download the replay

Coming Soon: Healing From Within Retreat & Workshop, Connemara, October 2017


Radio: Links to selected Soul Connections live radio shows – Play Now.


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