Abandoned: Healing Your Inner Orphan

It is part of the human condition to feel abandoned from time to time; times where we feel lost or disconnected from both ourselves, others, and ultimately from God or the Divine.

Deep in our hearts we are yearning for a lost wholeness…our soul holds a distant memory of boundless love and being part of a great force, of oneness; it also has a sense of having lost this wholeness…and so we feel abandoned.

It is our sense of abandonment that constellates our Inner Orphan. The orphan is propelled by a deep need to find home, a home being a place of belonging, or soul group. Indeed, the search to belong is so basic in us as to be archetypal.

We may not be actual physical orphans in the ‘real’ world but many of us feel that we are psychological or emotional orphans. We may feel that we are not connected to our birth family or to the tribe or culture we have been born into. We feel different, as though we don’t belong somehow…..