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Abandoned:Healing Your Inner Orphan

It is our sense of abandonment that constellates our Inner Orphan. The orphan is propelled by a deep need to find home, a home being a place of belonging, or soul group. Indeed, the search to belong is so basic in us as to be archetypal. We may not be actual physical orphans in the ‘real’ world but many of us feel that we are psychological or emotional orphans. We may feel that we are not connected to our birth family or to the tribe or culture we have been born into. We feel different, as though we don’t belong somehow…..

Benig Mauger – Healing Your Heart: Forgiving Yourself And Others Talk

Benig Mauger – Love in the Modern World

Living on the Edge: A prose poem by Benig Mauger

Living on the Edge: A piece written  and read at the Clifden Arts Festival September 2016 “Where do you live, he asked, “In Connemara” I replied.“Where’s that?”, “Its in Ireland, on the Wild Atlantic Way. I live on the edge of the land, next step the vast ocean, next step […]

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Eve’s Shadow: Healing the Wounded Feminine

Eve’s Shadow: Healing the Wounded Feminine

  How do we begin to heal our lives in a culture that does not revere the feminine? Healing involves deep inner soul work; the work of connecting with our inner (shadow) feminine, source of  nurturing and compassion. In light of current and upcoming events which affect women in Ireland […]

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Benig Mauger – Living with Loss

Benig Mauger – A Long Distance

A Long Distance: Story written and read by Benig on Connemara Community Radio 2016.

Benig Mauger – Spiritual Wellbeing in Everyday Life

Talk given at Clifden Arts Week 2015: Benig Mauger on Spiritual Wellbeing in Everyday Life

Boys need their Father

Looks at the importance the father has on the psychological life of his children, especially boys. Read more…… Click Here To Download Boys need their Father

Millennium Babies

Life and Birth in the new Millennium. Looks at the loss of soul in the experience of modern medicalised childbirth. Click Here To Download Millennium Babies

Birth as a Soul Experience

Birth is much more than a physical event, it is an archetypal soul experience of powerful emotional and spiritual importance. Click Here To Download Birth as a Soul Experience

Testing Times

The paradox of modern living. The benefits of modern technology, but at what cost? Click Here To Download Testing Times

Tango, Love and the Soul

Argentine tango as a dance of Love. As an exercise in ‘Presence’ it is superb. It is also about the perfect balance/union between a man and Click Here To Download Tango Love and the Soul

Healing Wounded Mothers

“Loss of soul” in childbirth is increasingly common in our over medicalised birthing practices. This article outlines ways of healing loss in childbirth. Click Here To Download Healing Wounded Mothers

Love, Heartbreak and Healing

The experience of heartbreak can propel you into a spiritual journey to encounter the inner marriage and unconditional love. Click Here To Download Love Heartbreak Healing