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Tango, Love and the Soul

Argentine tango as a dance of Love. As an exercise in 'Presence' it is superb. It is also about the perfect balance/union between a man and Click Here To Download Tango Love and the Soul
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Eve's Shadow: Healing the Wounded Feminine

Many of us know what the Shadow is, and everyone will know who Eve was but who or what is the Wounded Feminine? She is, of course an archetype of both the collective and personal unconscious. “There is a void felt these days by women and men who suspect that their feminine nature, like Persephone, […]
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Abandoned: Healing Your Inner Orphan

It is our sense of abandonment that constellates our Inner Orphan. The orphan is propelled by a deep need to find home, a home being a place of belonging, or soul group. Indeed, the search to belong is so basic in us as to be archetypal. We may not be actual physical orphans in the ‘real’ world but many of us feel that we are psychological or emotional orphans. We may feel that we are not connected to our birth family or to the tribe or culture we have been born into. We feel different, as though we don’t belong somehow.....
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Healing Your Heart: Forgiving Yourself & Others

Despite the best will in the world, simply uncovering our wounds does not guarantee healing, because healing is a matter of the heart involving love, acceptance and surrender.
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Living on the Edge: A prose poem by Benig Mauger

Living on the Edge: A piece written and read at the Clifden Arts Festival September 2016 "Where do you live, he asked, “In Connemara” I replied. “Where’s that?”, “Its in Ireland, on the Wild Atlantic Way. I live on the edge of the land, next step the vast ocean, next step the Americas”. “What’s it like?” […]
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Monks, Mosquitos and Mobiles

An account of my time as a volunteer teacher in Thailand. Monks, Mosquitos and Mobiles - A volunteer’s tale ‘Look!’ exclaimed the saffron robed young man, pointing to his hand held camera mobile phone. From where I was sitting in the pick up truck with Maha Suphachai the abbot, I had a good view of […]
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Boys need their Father

Looks at the importance the father has on the psychological life of his children, especially boys. Boys need their Father Life seems to be tough for boys at the moment. Girls outstrip them in schoolwork, exams and the ability to relate and have close friends. According to one source, 80% of children with behavioural difficulty […]
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Millennium Babies

Life and Birth in the new Millennium. Looks at the loss of soul in the experience of modern medicalised childbirth. Click Here To Download Millennium Babies
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Birth as a Soul Experience

Birth is much more than a physical event, it is an archetypal soul experience of powerful emotional and spiritual importance. Click Here To Download Birth as a Soul Experience
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Testing Times

The paradox of modern living. The benefits of modern technology, but at what cost? Click Here To Download Testing Times
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Healing Wounded Mothers

"Loss of soul" in childbirth is increasingly common in our over medicalised birthing practices. This article outlines ways of healing loss in childbirth. Click Here To Download Healing Wounded Mothers
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Love, Heartbreak and Healing

The experience of heartbreak can propel you into a spiritual journey to encounter the inner marriage and unconditional love. Click Here To Download Love Heartbreak Healing
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Walking Through Fire

Article looks at the link between Anger and the Father in Men seeking to reclaim an aspect of the Warrior /masculine archetype. Click Here To Download Walking Through Fire
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The Wounded Healer: Myth of our Time

Looks at the teachings of the myth of Chiron the Wounded Healer: The myth of our Time Click Here To Download Wounded Healer
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Healing Early Wounds

The formative impact of birth and life in the womb and the healing of early wounds. Healing From Within as a spiritual experience. Click Here To Download Healing Early Wounds
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