Benig Mauger – Healing Your Heart: Forgiving Yourself And Others Talk

Benig Mauger – Love in the Modern World

Benig Mauger – Living with Loss

Benig Mauger – A Long Distance

A Long Distance: Story written and read by Benig on Connemara Community Radio 2016.

Benig Mauger – Spiritual Wellbeing in Everyday Life

Talk given at Clifden Arts Week 2015: Benig Mauger on Spiritual Wellbeing in Everyday Life

Benig Mauger – Love in the Time of Broken Heart

Benig Mauger, author of “Love in the Time of Broken Heart” discusses her book with Camille. Benig traveled from her home in Dublin Ireland to speak at a conference on Spirituality, where she explores the human experience through her lens as a Jungian Psychologist and through her own personal experiences […]

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Benig Mauger – Marian Finucane on RTE

Benig Mauger is interviewed Marian Finucane 2008

Benig Mauger – Interview re Inner Marriage

Benig Interview 2011

Benig Mauger – Impact of Father Wound

Healing the Father Wound: Live at Spirituality Conference,Dublin June 2011

Benig Mauger – John Dunne 2009

On Spirituality, Heartbreak and Healing’ Interview c John Dunne on CCR September 2009

Benig Mauger – Carol Kleine 2010

Love, Healing and Heartbreak interview with Carol Kleine Streetwise Spirituality, September 2010

Benig Mauger – Talks with Jeffrey Millburn

Benig Mauger talks with Jeffrey Millburn (Omni Arts Salon) about life, love, Spirituality, Spirituality, healing heartbreak and her new book Love in a Time of Broken Heart

Benig Mauger – Reclaiming Father

Radio interview, Donegal community radio, April 2009

Benig Mauger – Heart break and Healing

Interview with Derek Mooney, RTE1, November 2008