Soul Connections
Psychology & Spirituality to Heal the Soul


Spiritual Healing for the New Age

This short course consists of four videos (approx:150 mins). An edited version of 'live' zoom meetings offering an introduction to my new teachings; A weaving of Jungian psychology with spirituality and incorporating pre and perinatal psychology, the course explores all aspects of soul healing and aims to guide participants on their journey to health and […]
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Healing From Within

 Healing From Within Online course now available as an audio download A series of six live webinars on learning the principles of Healing From Within: Combining Jungian psychology and Spirituality to Heal the Soul. The Audio download is an edited version of this online course, comprising of 6 hours of audio and a  healing workbook pdf. […]
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Healing & Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine

The Sacred or Divine Feminine is a spiritual force and an archetypal energy that exists in both the personal and collective. As old paradigms are crumbling and the world is awakening to our Divine natures, we are witnessing the Return of the Sacred Feminine. Presenting a new model of healing based on a unique interweaving […]
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