Spiritual Healing for the New Age

This short course consists of four videos (approx:150 mins). An edited version of ‘live’ zoom meetings offering an introduction to my new teachings; A weaving of Jungian psychology with spirituality and incorporating pre and perinatal psychology, the course explores all aspects of soul healing and aims to guide participants on their journey to health and spiritual growth. Designed to provide healing tools to navigate the New Age and based on my forthcoming book ‘The Soul & the Sea’ – the course looks at the imprints of early life, the function of dreams and relationships as emissaries of the soul, how to change limiting life patterns, develop spiritual qualities, understand the power of archetypes and much more.

  • Video One: Return of the Feminine;
  • Video Two: Archetypes & The Wounded Healer;
  • Video Three: Healing Life Imprints & Patterns;
  • Video Four: The Inner Marriage: Masculine & Feminine Archetypes.