Call of the Sea: Healing After Pregnancy Loss: Webinar w Benig March 29th 11am

Date(s) - 29th March 2017
11:00 - 12:00

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Call of the Sea: Healing after Pregnancy Loss; Live Webinar w Benig Mauger March 29th Webinar Replay  Healing Meditation: Healing Pregnancy Loss Replay of Meditation 

Losing a baby is one of the most painful experiences a woman can have. And although the experience of loss is always an encounter with death and spiritual rebirth, some losses, particularly of losing a child during pregnancy resonate deep in our bodies often activating a profound archetypal wounding opening a connection to the Wounded Mother energy. The trauma can be felt psychically with effects lasting long after your body itself has ‘healed’. It is important to both acknowledge and honor this loss and mourn because what you do not feel you cannot heal.

This webinar will also be helpful to those involved in caring or supporting women in their pregnancies (partners, carers, family members) in understanding the depth of the experience of pregnancy loss and how to support the healing process.

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