Healing From Within Audio Series

Date(s) - 1st March 2018 - 1st December 2018
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Coming soon: Healing From Within Audio Series.

Healing From Within: Combining Jungian psychology and Spirituality to Heal the Soul. This downloadable audio series is based on my Healing From Within Online Course of 2015; the audio series has been edited and amended to include six one hour webinars complete with downloadable workbook and pdf. Topics include: The formative impact of birth and early life and how soul patterns are created: Uncovering your birth story; Journaling and working with your dreams: Explanation of Archetypes and key Jungian concepts: working with your inner archetypes such as Child, Victim, Saboteur and Prostitute: The Inner Marriage and Individuation: Learning to Heal yourself.

About Healing From Within

Healing From Within is a way of creating inner healing using a unique combination of Jungian depth Psychology and Spirituality. Devised by Benig Mauger, Jungian Psychotherapist and Author of (Songs From the Womb, Reclaiming Father and Love in a Time of Broken Heart) the audio series, as well as offering a framework for understanding how early imprints are played out in our lives and relationships, is designed to help you learn how to heal your life and emotional wounds by engaging your soul and activating your inner healer.

• Discover the role your early life has in shaping your life and relationships • Uncover and learn how to work with your inner archetypes and your birth myth • Understand the connection between your love relationships and your spiritual journey • Learn ways of working with your Soul including dream and image work, journaling and meditation • Using the principles of Healing From Within, learn how to heal love wounds • This course is designed to enliven your life by helping you learn how to heal from within, increase your self -awareness & enhance your relationship to yourself and others.