Healing From Within Online Course

 Healing From Within Online course now available as an audio download

A series of six live webinars on learning the principles of Healing From Within: Combining Jungian psychology and Spirituality to Heal the Soul. The webinars will be spread over a few weeks and if you cannot attend in person (online), when you register you will be able to download and listen to the recording. The course will involve six 90 minute interactive webinars. There will be opportunities for a certain amount of private mentoring. The Audio download is an edited version of this online course which took place in 2015

Webinars and Talks 

As a pioneer in human consciousness and a psychotherapist in private practice, Benig teaches on a wide variety of subjects including Jungian analytical psychology, clinical practice, healing, spirituality and pre and perinatal psychology. Her courses blend therapy with spirituality for healing and human awakening and are designed to help participants use psychological knowledge and awareness to forge an inner path to healing and spiritual wellbeing.

Benig is a profound and engaging speaker as well as a transformational teacher, healer and workshop leader. She lectures extensively on modern living from a psychological and spiritual perspective. Her talks include:

  • Healing From Within
  • Birth & the Soul: Awakening the Divine Feminine
  • Reclaiming Father
  • Birth Into Being: Healing Early Wounds
  •  Love, Relationships & the Search for Wholeness: Towards the Inner Marriage
  • Healing After Heartbreak: Sacred Path of the Heart
  • Living A Passionate Life
  • Awakening to Love
  • Living Soulfully: Spiritual Wellbeing in Everyday Life
  • Living with Loss
  • Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul

Subjects will include Healing Birth; learning To Heal From Within, the role of the father in early life, working with your inner archetypes, journey of the Soul and many more. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated and log on to SoulConnectionsIreland on Facebook to post your comments and interest. Subscribe here