Living on the Edge: A prose poem by Benig Mauger

Living on the Edge: A piece written  and read at the Clifden Arts Festival September 2016

“Where do you live, he asked, “In Connemara” I replied.“Where’s that?”, “Its in Ireland, on the Wild Atlantic Way. I live on the edge of the land, next step the vast ocean, next step the Americas”. “What’s it like?” “Its like living on a rugged piece of land jutting out over eternity…” “That sounds dangerous” is, very. It is dangerous because everything is wild and rather unpredictable, just like my own heart, wild. Its dangerous living here for one thing, because the mists can come down at a moments notice obscuring your vision, and if your half way up Diamond Hill or out at sea thats anything but safe. Ah, but living on the edge you don’t know whats going to happen next. And that can be exciting, if daunting. I feel I have lived on the edge all my life…and most of the time I like it……”

Download:  Living on the Edge PDF