Satsang is a Sanskrit word that refers to the practice of meeting in the company of others for the purpose of spiritual development.

Spiritual practice is an essential part of both healing ourselves and the collective. The best way to connect with your soul is to learn to quieten your mind and go inwards. In my many long years as a Jungian therapist I know that we can use our very humanity to access our divinity. Regular Satsangs and monthly group meetings will provide the space to do just that. Going within and listening to our souls will lead us to self- awareness and to profound inner healing. These meetings are additionally designed to be a rich exploration into our universal archetypal experiences as well as offering spiritual guidance on developing your awakening intuitive nature.

My years of work with my Spiritual Master Sai Maa will inform this aspect of my work and what I bring to our Satsangs. Each meeting will be approximately 35/40 mins and will consist of a guided meditation. It is recommended you keep a journal and have it available as you may wish to make notes of messages from your soul. The meetings will have two elements:

  1. To consciously connect with your own soul in service to your spiritual fulfilment and to living an authentic and vibrant life.
  2. To consciously energise your path to spiritual fulfilment by raising your vibrations through meditation and spiritual practice. When we hold a higher vibration we can achieve higher levels of consciousness. These higher levels provide the foundation for achieving and maintaining an enlightened state in the physical body. This in turn means achieving and maintaining vibrant health in your physical body.

The Satsangs will be held on alternate Wednesdays and Thursdays to facilitate different time zones. Each session will last approx. 40 minutes.

Dates for Satsangs:

  • September 13th 7.30pm IST and 27th 7.30pm CET.
  • October 5th 9am, 11th 7.30pm and 25th 7.30pm CET.
  • November 2nd 9am, 8th 7.30pm, 16th 9am, 22nd 7.30pm and 30th 9am CET.
  • December 6th 7.30pm CET

Please note from 27th September all Satsangs will be at CET (and not IST).

Note: No Satsang Thursday 21st September or Thursday 19th October. Last Satsang of 2023 will be Wednesday 6th December.

spiritual prayer hands over sun shine with blurred beautiful sunset