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Our Resilient Soul: Riding the Covid 19 Crisis

Never before have we, as humankind, been so tested. Never before has our resilience and our faith been so strongly called on. We are in unprecedented and very uncertain times.

We are scared, anxious and forced into isolation. As we listen to the news we hear of untold suffering, of fear, of panic and heartbreak in the face of the corona virus pandemic.

As we are being asked to 'keep a distance' from others, we have paradoxically never felt so connected. We need each other, we send messages of support, we set up online connections like never before. In the loneliness of the social distancing, we have realised what is important.

We realise that love, compassion and our connection with each other, with nature and with our spiritual source is what matters most. We are praying, meditating and keeping ourselves fit as best we can in our houses.

I was immensely moved by the Italians singing in community from the windows and balconies of their locked down country. We share this sense of community and solidarity.

In many ways this crisis is bringing the world together.

Has it has taken this pandemic to come to our senses?

We have felt ourselves invincible with our mighty armies of wealth, corporations, scientific advances and lots more. But the virus has shown us several things; one, there are no boundaries, the virus does not discriminate between countries, creeds or people.

It doesn't care who or what you are or how much money, power or fame you have and where you come from.

It has revealed how powerless we really are. Especially when instead of honouring the sacredness of life, of love, of compassion and generosity, we have focused on the false gods of ego, money and power.

Could the  pandemic be our teacher? hard and all as this may sound, yes, I feel so.

Both individually and collectively we are now being asked to walk through fire, to understand not only what matters most, but the essential truth of what many of our spiritual teachers have taught us.

That transformation is always at a price, that there are consequences to resisting change, but that we have the power to change and to heal.

We have learnt that we are all one, that what we do as individuals affects us all.

We have also learnt that we co-create reality and more than that, that by healing ourselves we heal the earth. If this virus teaches us anything, it shows us more than anything, that ALL ARE ONE.

Let’s talk about resilience.

How resilient are we? At soul level, very resilient. In many ways, we have been preparing for this.

The last few decades have seen a flowering of spiritual and wellness consciousness as we seek to become more whole and live more congruent lives. People are aware of and embracing higher consciousness.

Now is the time to put into practice, to ‘animate’ the spiritual teachings we have learnt. About all being one, about inner empowerment, about conscious co creation, about how we can together create a new reality.

Opening our crown (corona) chakras to our divine natures and the power of our spirit is crucial now. The power of world-wide prayer meetings via the internet, world Oms, and all meditating together at the same time is creating a new (healing) energy.

All life breathes together; we know this, but it is not enough now just to ‘know’ with the mind. In the words of renowned psychotherapist Alexander Lowen, ’knowledge becomes understanding when it is coupled with feeling’.

Through this health crisis we are now feeling the power of all we have learnt. By trusting in our inner divinity and power to heal, we will get through this.

Our bodies have an innate healing system, we need to remember that. We are suffering, we are battling and we need to link our souls together in healing prayer, thoughts, and acts of kindness, and grace.

This morning I pulled an angel card; the Angel of Responsibility. Using our talents and abilities for the good of all; 'Responsibility is only a burden when we forget to use our talents and cut ourselves off from the flow of spiritual energies that are always waiting to help us..'

Yesterday I had been feeling sorry for myself and preoccupied with fear and anxiety. This morning, after a significant dream, I knew what I had to do. Get on with my work, with my writing, with sharing the spiritual wisdoms and truths I have been fortunate to connect with in my life.

As a healing professional it is my job to help others whilst also looking after myself. I am meditating more, I am connecting more to my spiritual source, I'm trying to focus on love rather than fear.

We are all working together, I am so proud of the thousands of people that have come forwards to help answer the call to deployment in the health services.

Addressing the fear and anxiety many, if not all of us feel at this time, I want to say it’s ok to feel fear, but don’t let it run your life. Ihave a future workshop planned to address how to ride the tide of our emotions, how to balance our fears with moments of peace and serenity so we remain centred.

Most of us grapple with our emotions and with understanding that our feelings and our reactions are transient. We often get bogged down or overwhelmed and find it hard to simply ‘detach’.

This is a time, to put into practice all that we know spiritually. To replace fear by love, pure unconditional love. To trust in our resilient soul, collectively as well as individually.

For those of us not at the medical coal face that’s all we can do. And that’s a lot.

Understanding not only the power within each of us to heal and create change, but also to heal for each other. And do all we can to help each other.

Positive thinking, image and affirmations, the power of love, now is the time to practice these truths. And practice them together.

We are being greatly tested during this crisis to try and maintain emotional equilibrium and not descend into debilitating fear and depression. I know no other way to do that than to turn to the spiritual teachings we’ve learnt and to trust the amazing resilience of the human soul in the face of adversity.

Recognising and acknowledging one's emotions and engaging with the process of suffering, is crucial to psychological and spiritual growth.

Often, it is our emotions, usually reactions to 'difficult' life experiences that act as a call to consciousness. We, now, through this crisis, are living, enduring, feeling, the transformational path. We are walking through fire. Nothing will ever be the same again.

The question is how to maintain emotional and mental equilibrium during such testing times.

I have more recently been trying to balance the spiritual teachings and breathing techniques of yoga with those of depth psychotherapy in the quest for healing and the journey towards wholeness.

These and other spiritual practices, which, for me personally include reading poetry daily, are succeeding in helping me detach enough to understand that I am not my body nor am I my emotions, I am more than that.

My essence, the light of who I am, is right there and I can connect with my true self, through my breathing.

When I feel overwhelmed by fear, I breathe, I walk in nature, I focus on my breath, to calm my
nervous system.

And nature is, of course, also our teacher.

Those of us fortunate enough to live surrounded by nature know its healing power.

I've lived long enough and I've worked long enough as a therapist to know that we can never eradicate suffering and that we will feel pain and hurt and loss and uncertainty, and that it is part of the human condition to have experiences that will unsettle our equilibrium and cause us pain. This is such a time. But I also know and trust that we are given the strength to deal with and endure our suffering.

The resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity is amazing and wonderful. I have encountered this essential truth time and time again.

In the words of St Francis de Sales "Do not look with fear on the changes or chances of this life; rather look at them with full faith that as they arise, God-whose you are-will deliver you out of them...either he will shield you from suffering or he will give you the unfailing strength to bear it."

God is simply a metaphor for our higher awareness.

In a forthcoming workshop - The Resilient Soul: Riding The Waves of Our Emotions we will learn how to balance the spiritual teachings of yoga with those of depth psychotherapy as we move towards feeling centred and whole.

Learning to recognise when our ‘ego’ is dictating terms and blocking our greater sense of Soul will help us navigate and ride the waves of our emotions whilst recognising the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Meanwhile, keep strong and trust in the resilience of your beautiful soul and strong heart as we ride the Covid 19 crisis.

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