December 2023 Soul Seminar – Stories that Heal


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“The most important question anyone can ask is, what myth am I living?” CGJung

There is something essential about myths and stories that mean something to us. Stories are the universal currents of history and contain archetypal energies that we resonate with at a deep unconscious level. A particular fairy story or myth can hold some essential truth about our soul’s journey and sacred contract. A story can also reveal aspects of a person’s unconscious life and underlying relational patterns.

Although we are influenced by archetypal and universal images, we are also simultaneously creating our own stories. We are largely unconscious of what story we might be living, but if we do not work at becoming conscious, we identify with the drama, so that we live, act and behave as the characters we identify with.

What story might you be living out of? Remember if there was any fairy tale that impressed you as a child and bring this story to our session. As usual, there will be ample time for discussion. Using Jungian tools we’ll learn how to work with our Soul stories and consider them as part of our journey towards wholeness.

Please join me on December 4th at 7.30pm CET for my sixth Soul Seminar, Stories That Heal, as we continue our journey towards healing and spiritual growth.

My Monthly Online Soul Seminars offer rich insights into various topics, from Jungian psychology to spiritual healing and offer an opportunity to go deeper into your individual soul work. Using the principles of my Healing From Within workshops and teachings, each meeting will include an extended Q & A and opportunity to share with me ‘live’. During these meetings we will look at the activation of the Feminine archetype today and learn how we can individually activate and harness the healing energies of the Sacred Feminine. Teachings based on my new book ‘The Soul & the Sea’ and presenting a new model of healing based on a unique interweaving of Jungian depth psychology with spirituality, these Soul Seminars will explore all aspects of soul healing and aim to guide participants on their onwards journey to emotional health and spiritual growth.

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