Healing from Within Audio Series


Healing From Within: Combining Jungian Psychology & Spirituality to Heal the Soul

What’s included:

  • 6 hours of downloadable audio
  • Downloadable Workbook PDF

About Healing from Within
Healing From Within™ is a way of creating inner healing using a unique combination of Jungian Psychology and Spirituality. Devised by Benig Mauger, Jungian Psychotherapist and Author and created as a six part downloadable audio series, each one hour audio includes a visualisation and meditation designed specifically for each theme/audio.Topics include: The formative impact of birth and early life and how soul patterns are created: Uncovering your birth story: Journaling and working with your dreams: Explanation of Archetypes and key Jungian concepts: working with your Inner archetypes such as Child, Victim, Saboteur and Prostitute: The Inner Marriage and Individuation: Learning to Heal yourself.

There is a free download of the first part of this audio series, you can to listen to it now here:

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