Healing & Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine Webinar Course

Webinar One: The Return of the Feminine:  Hecate/Crone-Goddess of Transformation-Working with Your Shadow

Webinar Two: Aphrodite: Goddess of Love, Desire & Beauty-Working with Your Inner Feminine

Webinar Three: Mother Mary: Goddess of Compassion-Healing Your Inner Child

Webinar Four: Mary Magdalene:Embodiment of the Sacred Feminine-Healing Your Sexual Relationships



The Sacred or Divine Feminine is a spiritual force and an archetypal energy that exists in both the personal and collective. As old paradigms are crumbling and the world is awakening to our Divine natures, we are witnessing the Return of the Sacred Feminine. Presenting a new model of healing based on a unique interweaving of Jungian depth psychology with spirituality, this course is designed to provide healing tools to navigate our new age. Based on my forthcoming book ‘The Soul & the Sea’ -the webinars explore all aspects of soul healing and aim to guide participants on their onwards journey to emotional health and spiritual growth. During these four meetings I will look at the activation of the Feminine archetype through Hecate, Goddess of Transformation, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Mother Mary, Goddess of Compassion and Mary Magdalene Goddess of Wisdom.  We’ll look at how these archetypes influence us on both a personal and collective level and learn how we can individually activate and harness the healing energies of the Sacred Feminine. Each webinar will include a guided meditation and Q & A.

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