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Reclaiming Father


Reclaiming Father - The Search for Wholeness in Men, Women & Children

ISBN 0-9547012-0-8

Looks at the impact of the father in the psychological life of his children and examines how our experience of being fathered influences our lives and relationships. Paperback book.

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An engaging and passionate book, RECLAIMING FATHER answers these questions and more. In a time of increasing divorce rates, when menís traditional roles are being questioned and a growing number of children are raised without fathers, RECLAIMING FATHER examines his role in early life.

In her skillful and sensitive exploration of birth, early childhood and family relations as well as the inner and outer dynamics of adult love relationships, Benig Mauger draws on her work as a Jungian psychotherapist to outline the impact of the father on the psyche. Using her background as a birth teacher, she suggests ways in which fathers can support their partners in childbirth as well as fulfill their essential roles in the early life of their children. Through riveting life/love stories, RECLAIMING FATHER explores the inner landscape of love and relationships and exposes the need to reclaim father in order to recover a sense of inner wholeness.

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