Soul Connections
Psychology & Spirituality to Heal the Soul


What people are saying who participated in Healing From Within Workshops and Talks:

Benig’s workshop was for me in ONE word an AWAKENING… Healing connects us with ourselves once again if and when we become disconnected. I don’t know how it works, I don’t know why, but it does“ - Rory, Dublin

Benig’s presence is strong, alive, “real.”  She has a capacity to draw both from her own life experiences and from the traditions and disciplines she has studied to bring forth “pearls.” Importantly, the willingly-exposed vulnerability of someone who has herself walked the paths of broken-heartedness– and emerged with gifts to share–renewed my desire to trust in the process of my own journey…to reach more deeply, to seek more bravely, to receive what is accessible within myself and with-Out”. - Celine, USA

With the use of archetypes, fairytales and dream enactment, Benig encouraged us to explore how our earliest experiences shape our patterns of relating. I found Benig to be a very human and compassionate woman who shared some of her own journey with us thus enabling us to do the same. A truly healing and transformative experience.” - Anastasia, UK and Germany

Benig’s workshops and talks are powerful and profound because of her soulful and intimate way of working with people. A strong teacher and speaker as well as therapist and writer, Benig is gifted with the ability to provide information while coming directly from the heart, and touches participants through compassionate engagement, moving them into their own hearts.”- Andrew, Galway

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