The Sacred Feminine

"Only when we begin to understand how vast the Mother is Will we begin to understand how powerful she is, And how powerful we, her divine children, can be when surrendered to Her, guided by her, infused with her immense, passionate, and Transfiguring Sacred Force."

-Anne Baring & Andrew Harvey, The Divine Feminine

Who or What is the Sacred Feminine?

The Sacred or Divine Feminine is both a spiritual force and an archetypal energy that exists in both the personal and collective. As old paradigms are crumbling and the world is awakening to spirituality and our divine natures, we are witnessing the Return of the Sacred Feminine. The Divine Feminine honours the living energies of the earth and the spiritual beings behind the Cosmos. She nurtures the soul of the earth and as Goddess teaches a path of the heart where all life is sacred, and the intelligence that moves through the universe moves through each of us, her children, as well. Enduring centuries of exile, the Sacred Wisdom of the Feminine had hitherto been silenced but is now returning and can be seen in the global movement to heal our earth, interest in spirituality and the teachings of Mary Magdalene amongst others This return has triggered a much needed healing of the Wounded Feminine archetype deep in the shadow of our psyches.

Recovering our shadow is a vital part of healing. As a personal archetype, the Wounded Feminine is a force that informs our being, our psyches; we feel her influence through our inner imagery and outer behaviour. Not gender related, your wounded feminine might be in your hidden hurt, in your inability to reach your heart, in your loneliness and emotional isolation-in your relationship difficulties. The feminine in me is both the voice of my soul and my heart, a benevolent and essential part of my nature but as a shadow figure in my unconscious, she is deeply wounded. As wounded, she is unreachable, likely to be critical, harsh and judgmental of any weakness or vulnerability instead of nurturing and compassionate.

Healing & The Sacred Feminine

Without the Feminine we cannot heal or grow. The Heart is the seat of the Divine Feminine. Connecting with and living from your heart is vital to live an authentic and soulful life. Healing involves deep inner communion with our psyches: it involves trekking our souls, listening to our unheard stories of abandonment, pain and heartbreak. Consciously bringing higher consciousness into your life means more love, light, forgiveness, health and wellbeing. There are ways to do this. Nature is our teacher. Informed by my own spiritual and healing journey, my forthcoming book The Soul & The Sea speaks of the healing power of nature and spirit providing practical tools for soul healing. My online course Spiritual Healing for the New Age will take you through a healing journey to learn vital elements for emotional and soul healing. Essential to healing is the ability to forgive, the ability to let go and developing a sense of trust and connection to the Divine Feminine. A regular spiritual practice is part of recovering the Sacred Feminine.

The word ‘Feminine’ stands for the Soul and the unseen cosmic web of life that connects each one of us to all others and to the life of the planet and the greater life of the cosmos.

-Anne Baring

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