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The Soul & The Sea

My Forthcoming Book

“In a time of spiritual awakening, emotional healing must move beyond psychology if it is to be effective. The Soul & The Sea’ presents a new model of healing based on an interweaving of depth psychology with spirituality.

Inspired by the sea and land around her home, Benig draws from her own life and vast experience as a therapist and spiritual teacher, to show how connection to nature and the spiritual world can heal emotional wounds. Reminding us that we all hold a divine spark, Benig shows us how to go within and connect to our inner healer thus providing tools for emotional healing and soul growth.

Grounded in Jungian psychology, the book incorporates a deeply spiritual and intuitive approach to soul healing so that it reads as a story as it charts the journey to healing through nature and spirit.

As guide and creator of a new portal for healing, The Soul & The Sea is a testimony to the eternal power of love and the enduring capacity of nature and our own spirit to heal us.”

Publication 2022

Listen here to an excerpt 'The Birth Healing Room' cp.9

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Spirit of the Sea

Born by the sea, Magdalena’s first cry broke through the waves
of her mothers pain
and danced on the tide
that came and went on the beach below
Sucking the earth to a watery home
And lashing at the walls of her fathers house
Perilously built on the edge of the world

As the winds carried the news to the outside and ends of the land
Touching down on the rugged edges
To the still even plains of green
Storm birds, alerted by their elders and the last sea eagles
Of Skye answered the call and gathered at their long abandoned nesting place
A hallowed ground housing a shaggy assembly
The Great and the Good, the old and the young
They came in their groups, landing on the cliff site
Folding their wings against their bodies
They stood in reverence
Awaiting the call

And it seemed that the earth itself had given birth
With a triumphant cry that stirred the slumbering roots
And quickened the guardian souls
Of ancient wisdom
Spirits of the forests and Sacred places awakened as though from a deep sleep
And stood to attention
Listening to the pulse of the earth and the Spirit of the Sea
As it spoke
It was said
A new soul had been born with the deep ‘knowing’ of the Ancients in her bones
And the gift of sight
A knowing long gone from the earth and buried
Under the deep Atlantic
Out of sight of man or beast
Awaiting the return of spirit to the earth
Magic and the gift of enchantment would return to the land
It was said

The gift of insight would both bless and curse this child
For the Spirit of the Sea comes at a price
And not many can carry its weight
Or speak its language
Since the heart of man is frail
And clay feet cannot fly
Or touch the stars

Born on Divine wings
Spirit must soar through earth and matter
And not die or be afraid
And she who carries this power must use it well
Or be destroyed by it
She must climb the highest mountain
And swim the deepest ocean
Drinking from the fountain of knowledge
She must gaze into the timeless well
Of life
And recount Gods teachings
To all mortals who will listen

Spirit of the Sea takes no prisoners
And Magdalena grew to know this
And feel it in her body
So that each time she fell
She picked herself up
And continued reaching for the stars
Whose light bent low
For this child of God

And though sharing this humble trail
With many others
Magdalena understood she must travel
A fearless and intrepid path alone
And where there was no path she must forge her own
And grow used to the sense of aloneness
All warriors face
And like all souls who walk this earth
Magdalena would have to forget
And be awakened
So that dark nights would have to be endured
And suffered
Until sight and stars returned
To light her way

Many earth years have passed
And weathered the land
Spirits and sea birds have come and gone
Carried on the mists of time
Now on the beach below Magdalena’s house
The tide comes and goes sucking the earth to a watery home
Lashing at the legs of the land
Sea eagles and storm birds alight on the overhanging cliffs
And rest awhile,
Spirit of the sea still dances
And on quiet nights can be heard calling all those with the gift of Sight

Remember me,
Remember me

Magdalena born by the sea
Whose first cry broke through her mother’s pain
And was carried on the tide that came and went
She knows that Spirit of the Sea will dance yet
Long after she herself has passed to another realm
And that she will visit these western shores
Dancing on the tide that comes and goes

- Benig Mauger